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How to refer a patient with substance addiction disorder?

Substance addiction and mental illness can have adverse consequences in the lives of patients. We accept referrals and work collaboratively with outside agencies, individuals, and providers including: 

New Horizons Medical clinics and programs are designed to expand to accommodate the rapidly growing number of patients in need of substance addiction treatment. Opioid addiction in particular has reached epidemic proportions and become a matter of national attention.  New Horizons Medical is engaged with the communities surrounding our clinics to provide access those in need of treatment.

New Horizons Medical is poised to help medical practices being overwhelmed by the complicated intersection of both the opioid addiction and COVID-19 coronavirus epidemics. We will work to accommodate your patients in a timely manner. Once the situation stabilizes in your community, we will facilitate a return to your program upon the patient’s request. You can count on New Horizons Medical during these challenging times.

How to refer a patient with alcohol addiction?

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Stella Uchendu

Stella Uchendu_3672b_2by3 Nurse Practition

Stella Uchendu has been practicing medicine for 4 years and Addiction Medicine for 3 years. She holds a baccalaureate degree in Nursing Science from Salem State University and a Master of Science in Nursing Practice from Regis College.

My mission is to focus on the person as a whole, as well as the family members, and address the trauma while finding new ways to cope with their addiction

Jean Thomas

Jean Thomas_4389b_2by3 Nurse Practitioner

Jean Thomas is a licensed nurse practitioner who graduated with a baccalaureate degree in Nursing Science from UMASS Boston and later a FNP degree from Chamberlain University. Jean has been practicing medicine since 2018, providing adult, urgent care addiction while managing acute and chronic diseas

My mission is to be a provider that makes a true difference in a patient’s life

William Simmons

William Simons 3938b_2by3 LICSW

William Simmons is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who graduated with a Master of Social Work from Boston College. William has over 10 years of experience in providing psycho-therapeutic support for both MAT patients and stand-alone therapy patients.

My mission is to help and support our clients
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