Which symptoms indicate someone may need mental health treatment?

mental health treatment

Resiliencies in mental behavior, and social well-being. It disturbs and affects how we think, feel, and act. It helps to regulate how we handle stress and make choices with it. Mental health is important in every aspect of life, from childhood to teenage years through adulthood.

Some signals help us to recognize when someone is suffering from mental illness .  Increases in physical stress, symptoms such as headaches or stomach pain, fatigue, feeling guilty, helpless, or hopeless, Feeling anxious or nervous, and avoiding family and friends are common signs.

We all get nervous or stressed sometimes, but anxiety can also be a sign of mental illness. Major symptoms of anxiety include sweating and shivering. Feeling dizzy all the time, and restlessness. Patients need specific mental health treatment to recover from it.

Feeling depressed

A patient may seem unhappy, lethargic, lacking both motivation and energy. These feelings may last for a couple of weeks. The patient seems to lose interest in their favorite things. They need mental health treatment to overcome it . 

 Emotional outbreak

Everybody has different moods, but sudden and unexpected changes in mood manifesting in anger and distress may signal an oncoming mental breakdown.

Sleep problems

Long-term changes in a person’s sleep pattern, such as insomnia, could be a symptom of a mental health disorder. People who suffer from insomnia cannot sleep properly due to depression and anxiety. This is a major sign of mental breakdown. Mental health depression can be a sign of other mental health issues or even substance abuse.

Change in weight or appetite

For some people, a rapid loss or gain in weight can be a symptom of mental illness. Drastic increases or decreases in appetite, a sudden loss of interest in food, is another indicator the patient may be suffering from a mental health issue and need treatment. 

 Quiet or withdrawn

Losing interest in life, activities, friends, and family may be evidence of a mental breakdown. These can be a sign of mental illness as can a sudden onset of worry about things the patient cannot control. Declining to join or avoiding social activities may also be a sign they need help.

Substance abuse

Using substances to cope, such as tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, can be a symptom of mental health problems. Substance abuse itself is a mental illness requiring specialized  treatment to overcome it. 

Feeling worthless

Statements like, I am a failure, I am worthless or other forms of negative self image reflect one’s mental health, indicating a person may be going through severe depression and anxiety. Your friend or loved one may need help if they criticize or blame themselves. When a person expresses the intention to harm themselves or others immediate medical intervention may be necessary. These expressions are often a cry for help.

 Change in behavior

A mental health disorder may start as a subtle change in a person’s feelings and behavior. Ongoing and significant variations could be a sign of mental health disorder. If something seems unusual, abnormal or just does not seem right with a loved one, start a conversation with them. 


Some signals help us to recognize if someone is suffering from mental illness.  Increases in physical stress, symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain, fatigue, guilt, helplessness, or hopelessness are common signs. Avoidance of  family and friends, general feelings of unhappiness lasting a couple of weeks, and loss of motivation , and lack of interest in their favorite things are also indicative of mental health problems requiring specialized treatment. 

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